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IOC Consummates First Domestic U.S. Contract

This week, International Offset Corporation (IOC) completed a four-month negotiation for its client Horton World Solutions (HWS) to begin building the first phase of a major upscale development in Louisiana. This is the first project IOC accepted within the domestic US market.

Mr. Terry Horton, founder of HWS, stated that “while HWS originally partnered with IOC to develop its international marketplace, the creation of a domestic opportunity was a pleasant surprise and one that we are excited to develop to evidence the strengths of our building systems.”

The $37 million contract will provide for a minimum of 150 homes to be built initially with the continued exclusive to develop additional housing as the marketplace demands.

IOC CEO Matthew Talbert said “while our focus has been international development for the Horton World Solutions Corporation, we are extremely proud to have been able to develop, negotiate, and consummate this opportunity for HWS. This is the first of what we believe to be numerous additional opportunities to work with HWS both domestically and internationally through offsets and Countertrade opportunities.”

IOC Crosses the $1B Mark

2019 proved to be a banner year for IOC as it crossed the $1 billion credit retirement mark.

“With the infusion of several new global clients in 2019, IOC was able to satisfy enough trade credits to push through its goal of $1 billion. We are extremely pleased to reach this magical mark and to continue with our tremendous growth through 2020.” Said IOC CEO Matthew Talbert.

IOC will continue its global expansion and continue to work with its domestic United States subsidiary, ARTIS corporate trade, LLC. to reintroduce corporate trade to the American market.

New manufacturing abilities for the Borelite project

A team of students from the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department devoted their senior project to designing and building a drill that will be used to access water in remote and underdeveloped regions throughout the world.

The students spent more than 829 hours over three quarters designing and fabricating the water well drill, making improvements to an existing model that will enable it to be readily used in drought-stricken areas that lack the resources to implement existing water drilling methods.

Soon the drill will be manufactured by Aquafor, a humanitarian group founded by entrepreneur Matthew Talbert, who studied business administration at Cal Poly in 1977. Talbert provided the seven member student team with an existing prototype and the $25,000 needed for materials to build a new and improved model.

“All you have to do is go where people are impoverished and see the struggles of the people who are living there to know that something has to be done,” Talbert said. “People are walking miles and miles for filthy water and that is unacceptable. We have it so fortunate here, it is imperative that we give back.”

The Borelite Drill is a lightweight cable tool water well drill that uses a repetitive motion to smash and chip away at soil and rock. While existing drills use exorbitant amounts of water and fuel to drill quickly, the student-built drill relies on a 10 horsepower engine and only 10 gallons of water per day to drill.

“The drill will take longer to reach the needed depth to acquire water, but in the impoverished areas that these drills will be used, people have time, but they don’t have resources such as gas and water,” said Peter Livingston, head of the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department.
Students designed and built the drill, as well as provided the design drawings needed to replicate it. The weight and size of the final design allow for two fully constructed drills to be placed in a shipping container and sent overseas to countries in need.

“This is designed specifically to be able to function in some pretty harsh environments,” said Anthony Archuleta, Aquafor’s director of corporate responsibility. “There is nothing proprietary about it; the parts are available in most countries. Our goal is to use our expertise acquired in other corporate ventures to get the drill into the places it is needed using the relationships we have forged and be able to save lives.”

Talbert acquired the original concept for the drill in the early 2000’s from a service organization in San Luis Obispo, which had worked with students in Cal Poly’s mechanical engineering department. However, years of delays prevented the concept from being fully realized. The time has finally come, said Talbert, who hopes to have the water drill produced and available next year. He envisions deploying areas in Central Asia, South America and Africa.

“The value of a project of this caliber is that it helps students realize the benefit of what they are doing for society,” Livingston said. “We teach about ethics and world influences and it is important that students are exposed to something other than a commercial entity trying to build something to make a profit.”

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher joins International Offset Corporation international advisory and development team

Dana Rohrabacher, who served for thirty years in the United States House of Representatives, has joined IOC’s international advisory team.

Congressman Rohrabacher, who is perhaps best known as President Reagan’s speechwriter or for his fight against the Russian army in Afghanistan, will work with IOC in the development of new business opportunities globally.

Having deep knowledge in long-term relationships in the international arena, Congressman Rohrabacher brings a new perspective to the IOC executive team.

Paul Behrends joins International Offset Corporation international advisory and development team

Mr. Behrends worked in the House of Representatives initially as Staff Director of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats.

Mr. Behrends is a former Member of the Inter-American Defense Board, has participated in exchange programs with the British Royal Marines, attended 20 formal military schools including Amphibious Warfare School, Command and Staff College, Navy Dive School and Airborne School. During the breakup of former Yugoslavia he served as Deputy Operations Officer (DJ-3) of Joint Task Force Provide Promise (Forward) based in Zagreb, Croatia where he was also assigned to the Disaster Area Response Team (DART) at the U.S. embassy (AMBEMB Zagreb) and was Liaison to the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR). Mr. Behrends has trained with over a dozen foreign militaries, been awarded the German military airborne insignia and the Defense Meritorious Medal among other awards. Mr. Behrends went inside Afghanistan with the Mujahedeen in 1985 and observed the Contras inside Nicaragua in 1987. Mr. Behrends retired from the U.S. Marine Corp as a Lieutenant Colonel.

International Offset Corporation enters into global countertrade agreement with Horton World Solutions

IOC is pleased to announce the partnership with Horton World Solutions (HWS) in an effort to combat the global housing crisis and additionally to be able to provide immediate disaster relief for victims of natural catastrophes worldwide.

HWS is a global leader in prefab modular housing using next generation technologies and applications to be able to deliver low-cost high-quality permanent housing globally. These homes are designed to be permanent in nature and can be built in under two hours with the ability to withstand 11.0 earthquake, 165 mph winds, mold and mildew’s, without using steel or wood in its construction.

Having over forty years expertise in the construction industry, and as a founder of D. R. Horton construction, the largest homebuilder in America, Mr. Terry Horton has elected to pursue his calling to help those in need. After ten years and millions of dollars in development, the HWS product is now available globally.

By partnering with IOC, HWS is now able to reach high level government officials and begin the developments of the HWS building system. Through the IOC program, many countries are taking advantage of the offset or countertrade opportunities that are developed to lengthen the cash budgets of these cash-strapped nations.

IOC Moves Corporate Offices to Dallas Texas

IOC has moved their global headquarters from Los Angeles to Dallas as of October 1. While the corporate offices are relocated, the Los Angeles office will remain open to continue to serve as global clientele.

The move to Dallas was based on many factors including the targeted growth of ARTIS, IOC’s domestic corporate barter arm as Dallas is centrally located within the United States. Being based in Dallas is also geographically more conducive for IOC’s travel throughout the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

Joining the Dallas team will be Evan Talbert who will be heading up the launch of the Artis project early 2019.


2018 marks the 30-year anniversary of operations for IOC and its predecessor companies.

Beginning as a small retail barter exchange in 1987, ASSOCIATED BARTER SERVICES quickly rose to the Corporate trade arena, which then grew in the international arena serving multinational corporations whereas ABS then changed its name to ABS WORLDWIDE to reflect its international reach.

Expanding on its international success, ABS worldwide begin its involvement with governmental and countertrade affairs, then in 1997 expands its name to the INTERNATIONAL TRADE FINANCE CORPORATION, or ITFC. Through the success of this operation, in 2005 ITFC began to work in the defense offset arena whereas ITFC was later to become known as INTERNATIONAL OFFSET CORPORATION (IOC) to reflect its current projects.

IOC has now refocused its primary energies to re-establish itself as the leader in the domestic corporate trade arena once again, and launches its corporate arm, ARTIS corporate Barter Solutions as its domestic barter management company. IOC will remain strong in its governmental and countertrade operations for developing nations globally, operating in 21-time zones and approaching $1B in transactions by years end 2018.

IOC Announces New Addition to its Team

IOC is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Colin Subbotin as IOC’s senior project manager for all agricultural and organic programs globally.

Colin is a recent graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and joins the IOC team to immediately manage IOC’s recently acquired fertilizer and organic matter projects both in the USA, Middle East and Micronesia.

IOC New Corporate Trade Division Breaks First $100M Mark

IOC’s launch of its new domestic corporate barter division broke $100 million this week in aggregated purchasing for its initial client base.

Through its proprietary procurement programs, the new division has entered into agreements with several “A” level Fortune 1000 corporations who have entrusted IOC to purchase the requisite goods and services. In total, the volume exceeds $100 million.

The goods and services that IOC is working on for its client base ranges from generic products such as cellular services and travel to industry specific products for the very industries the client base operates.

IOC director of domestic business development, Evan Talbert, says “this first 30 days exceeds our expectations and our staff is excited to be working so many different products for our customers”.

IOC is currently in negotiations with several other leading companies bring additional volume to its procurement division.

A Celebrated New Year

IOC begins 2018 by securing new clients for its corporate barter division, and even further, is in negotiations for the corporate division to partner with the largest retail barter company, Bartercard globally.

By entering into this partnership both Bartercard and the corporate order division of IOC will establish the very first retail and corporate trade platform in the United States. According to IOC CEO Matthew Talbert “we originally looked at the opportunity through Bartercard’s competition, BBX, but felt that the outstanding ethics and parallel vision of Bartercard was far superior to satisfy our client’s needs. Now, by joining forces, a full spectrum of goods and services can be provided to our client base”. The new operation should be up and running by February 1, 2018.

Also new for 2018 will be the newly developed Bankruptcy programs of IOC to assist with satisfaction of Debtor obligations to outstanding creditors identified through the bankruptcy process. Using IOC credits as a satisfaction tool, both the debtor and creditor will receive better value in the satisfaction of the obligations.

Disaster relief remains a strong portion of the IOC programs and is currently making progress in working with the Puerto Rican government in an effort to extend the received by the for the reconstruction after the hurricanes ravished the island. IOC also plans to assist with the housing crisis by working with mortgage bankers in an attempt to restructure the outstanding loans that are in default, and further plans are in the works to establish 1000 housing units for those families in need. IOC continues to identify and develop the alternative currencies to be used by the Puerto Rican government in order to bring as much benefit as possible.

IOC is also looking West working with Micronesian islands, and East, continuing the relationship with the government of Egypt develops a new project in country there.

IOC CEO Matthew Talbert appears on CNBC “make me a millionaire inventor”

In line with IOC’s multiple investment in the defense industry, CNBC reached out to Matthew Talbert, CEO, to appear on their television network show “make me a millionaire inventor”.

The product that was presented was a revolutionary new vest that would enable any soldier to immediately stop blood loss from any damaged limb during a firefight. Talbert saw the product as being the necessity for every soldier worldwide.

IOC makes strategic addition to business model

IOC announced today that, effective 2018, a new domestic corporate barter division will be launched. This division will take IOC back to its original roots in dealing with domestic and international corporate barter clients. Founded in 1987, ABS worldwide, the predecessor to IOC, was one of the country’s foremost corporate barter companies dealing with Fortune 1000 companies domestically and multinational companies globally to assist in the acquisition of new clientele and in the reduction of bottom line cash expenses.

By opening this division, IOC will be able to finalize its total blanket strategy to now be able to extend its global countertrade and offset clients while expanding into the commercial corporate barter arena servicing corporate clientele.

IOC Enters Into Agreement With Titanium Fabrics To Develop Manufacturing Facility In Egypt As IOC Develops Corporate Barter Programs

Titanium Fabrics, a United States importer of textiles worldwide, has executed a $10 million agreement with IOC to expand its sales and manufacturing opportunities through the use of countertrade and corporate barter programs.

IOC is working on a new European distribution channel for Titanium by developing a private label brand for a large chain of department stores by allowing the use of IOC credits towards the purchase of Titanium Fabrics products.

Additionally, IOC is negotiating with the government of Egypt and several investment groups to build a new manufacturing facility of textiles, inclusive of Egyptian cotton, for Titanium Fabrics.

IOC Chief Executive Officer gives speech to Kazakhstan entrepreneurs

While working in Kazakhstan, IOC Chief Executive Officer Matthew Talbert was asked to give a speech to a new generation of Kazakhstan entrepreneurs. The speech spoke directly to the interests of IOC in Kazakhstan and the projects being developed there, with opportunity for local business to be involved.

After the speech many of the attending individuals approached Mr. Talbert with new ideas and possibilities to work together to develop the projects that IOC was entertaining.

IOC negotiates for Middle East Defense Equipment

Bradley Alden, IOC project manager, is seen here with military armored personnel carriers which IOC was in final negotiations to procure and deliver to one of its Middle East clients.

Due to the rising tensions in the Middle East between the ethnic tribes, defense of sales have risen dramatically and IOC has been instrumental in working with clients to use their offset credits for the procurement of these and other defense weapons.

IOC CEO Matthew Talbert meets with Afghanistan vice presidential representatives in Turkey

While on a Congressional delegation throughout the middle east with various members of Congress, Matthew Talbert and the delegation stopped in Istanbul to meet with numerous representatives of the Afghanistan vice president’s office in order to discuss the further assistance and involvement of the United states of America. During the meeting it was discussed that IOC should be, and will be, more active in various roles in order to assist the Afghan government and its economic recovery.

The delegation landed in Istanbul the day after the horrific bombing of the us Temple international Airport were Talbert and the delegation laid flowers on the memorial remembering those who lost their life in the cowardly terrorist attack.

The delegation also met with representatives of the leading opposition party to the current government to discuss the internal matters and direction of Turkey.

IOC enters into discussions with BBX- UK for U.S. Territory

BBX, the largest retail barter company in the world based in Australia has entered into discussions with IOC for IOC to launch BBX of the United States of America. While the terms and conditions are still being discussed, the general proposal is that IOC, with its 30 years of corporate trade and countertrade expertise, be the exclusive licensee in order to begin the sales and management of organizing the creation of BB X-US. The anticipated launch date is first quarter 2018.

Should the discussions be successful and the program move forward, BBX-US will become the first truly national retail barter company in the United States and over 20 years.

IOC V.P. of Domestic Business Development meets with Members of Congress at Special engagement

Evan Talbert, vice president for domestic business development, met with various members of Congress at a recent EAST -WEST function in Washington DC.

The event, sponsored by Shafik Gabr, a prominent Egyptian industrialist, is designed to bring scholars together to interact and understand the differences and commonalities between civilizations.

During the three hour event Talbert met with Congressman Dana Roerhbacher and Congressman Darryl Issa with brief discussions on how IOC functions in the modern world and assists in the development of third world countries economic policies and defense.

IOC meets with Egyptian leaders and military commanders

While on a CoDel with senior US officials and members of Congress, IOC met with senior political officials and members of the military to discuss the ongoing challenges facing Egypt. These challenges were ranged from political instability to poor economic conditions. IOC was instrumental in developing new concepts and strategies for the government and the military to address certain challenges ranging from water to food production to defense.

TCA Hosts Congressional Delegation in Istanbul

TCA President G. Lincoln McCurdy hosted a dinner in Istanbul on July 1, 2016 for a visiting congressional delegation led by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA/48th), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats. Other members of the delegation included Representatives Juan Vargas (D-CA/51st), Louie Gohmert (R-TX/1st) and IOC Chief Executive Officer Matthew Talbert. Representatives from the Turkish business community, academia, and civil society also attended the dinner. The discussion focused on U.S.-Turkey relations, collaboration in the fight against ISIS, the recent terrorist attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, the U.S. presidential election, and the Turkish American community. Chairman Rohrabacher also praised Turkey for its normalization of relations with both Israel and Russia.

IOC opens office in Spain

International offset Corporation has just opened its first European office in Madrid Spain. Headed up by Paris delatraz the office is to oversee the North African Middle East and Central Asia projects undertaken by IOC.

IOC enters into a worldwide exclusive marketing agreement with A.D.A.P.T. Advanced Defense and Protective Technologies out of California.

A.D.A.P.T is unquestionably the most advanced ballistic and explosive coating company we have come across to enter excited to be representing the technology.

A.DA.P.T. Produces both the world’s most advanced armor plates for bulletproof vests and has developed a spray on coding that allows up-armoring of vehicles, facilities, infrastructure or any other vulnerable product or technology.

Having already delivered a $20 million contract with the KSA, A.D.A.P.T is looking to work with IOC in numerous programs that are already in the works in both the Middle East and Central Asia.

IOC Approved as a Member of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association

IOC is pleased to announce that it has been approved as a member of the Global Offset and Countertrade Association (“GOCA”), an association of businesses involved with offset and/or countertrade arrangements. The International Offset Corporation’s executive team is very much looking forward to attending the upcoming GOCA-sponsored Global Industrial Cooperation Conference in Toledo, Spain, in May 2016.

IOC Opens New Office in Washington D.C.

IOC announces that it has expanded its base of operations to the east coast with the opening of a new office in Washington, DC. This expansion will help facilitate our growth and visibility, particularly as we work with a greater number of international governments on offset and countertrade arrangements.

IOC at Afghan President’s Congressional Speech

With an invitation from House members to attend president Ashraf Ghani‘s speech to the Congress, CEO Matthew Talbert was a guest at the Presidential speech in Washington.

IOC has been in discussions with various Congressional Committee members as to how IOC could be of benefit in reenergizing the Afghan economy and stability.