International Offset Corportation | Serving developing nations around the globe
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Serving developing nations
around the globe

International Offset Corporation is a highly specialized service provider offering outstanding offset fulfillment and
countertrade development to its select clientele. IOC can design and implement countertrade business
models for its clients which enhance buying power by leveraging indigenous resource value.

Over $1 billion in transactions satisfied


Offsets are product or service delivery obligations incurred by a defense contractor to its government contract customer.  Offset obligations arise under the primary contract for the sale of products by the contractor to the government agencies.Typically, these sale contracts involve high-priced, defense-related products having substantial value. The contracts are very lucrative for the contractor


We are pleased to introduce you to International Offset Corporation (“IOC”), a specialist in designing and implementing novel concepts of advanced countertrade for developing country clients. IOC can design and implement countertrade business models for its clients which enhance buying power by leveraging indigenous resource value.



IOC is pleased to announce the partnership with Horton World Solutions (HWS) in an effort to combat the global housing crisis and additionally to be able to provide immediate disaster relief for victims of natural catastrophes worldwide.

HWS is a global leader in prefab modular housing using next generation technologies and applications to be able to deliver low-cost high-quality permanent housing globally. These homes are designed to be permanent in nature and can be built in under two hours with the ability to withstand 11.0 earthquake, 165 mph winds, mold and mildew’s, without using steel or wood in its construction.

Having over forty years expertise in the construction industry, and as a founder of D. R. Horton construction, the largest homebuilder in America, Mr. Terry Horton has elected to pursue his calling to help those in need. After ten years and millions of dollars in development, the HWS product is now available globally.

By partnering with IOC, HWS is now able to reach high level government officials and begin the developments of the HWS building system. Through the IOC program, many countries are taking advantage of the offset or countertrade opportunities that are developed to lengthen the cash budgets of these cash-strapped nations.