International Offset Corportation | Disaster Relief
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Disaster Relief

International Offset Corporation & Disaster Recovery.

IOC brings an end to extravagant price mark-ups and profiteering by unscrupulous disaster contractors.

Every year natural disasters cause hundreds of millions of dollars in damage to lives, businesses, and livelihoods. Communities are destroyed, and governments must take quick action to rescue and rebuild the lives of their constituents.

Vulnerable and thus exploited. Because of the tremendous pressure on governments to react instantaneously to natural disasters, frequently there is great waste and inefficiency. Local, state, and federal governments try their best to meet their constituents’ needs, but they are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Unscrupulous brokers and middle-men recognize this vulnerability and needlessly and selfishly drive up costs and overheard with excessive price mark-ups. Routinely, governments pay $3,700 for power generators that retail for $800 and buy bathroom sinks for $666 when the sinks easily can be purchased and installed for $260. Doors worth $50 are billed to at $700. Exploitative contractors charge $82 for smoke-detectors that can be purchased at the local hardware shop for $7. All along the way a succession of intermediary contractors transfer inflated costs to the government in order to extract excessive profits.

IOC negotiates for the government, not the contractors. International Offset Corporation (IOC) brings an end to extravagant price mark-ups and profiteering by unscrupulous contractors who feed off the misery and suffering caused by natural disasters. Anywhere in the world, IOC responds immediately to emergency situations to work hand-in-hand as a strategic partner with local, state, and federal governments. In every way, IOC shares the same goals and objectives as IOC’s government clients, most notably: serve constituents and prevent price gouging.

IOC has assembled a top-notch response team of expert negotiators to handle the extreme-rush, disaster-relief, procurement and acquisition needs of local, state, and the federal governments Through IOC’s fast, high-intensity negotiation approach, IOC makes certain that emergency spending is directed to removing debris, repairing structures, and rebuilding infrastructure instead of being wasted on duplicative overhead, paper shuffling, profit gouging, and steep mark-ups.

IOC’s buying power and experience. For over thirty (30) years IOC has worked with local, state, and federal governments to quickly identify the most serious disaster emergencies and then bring to bear IOC’s extensive, world-wide, logistical and business contacts to obtain exactly what is needed for a community to recover.   Virtually overnight, IOC can arrange for the delivery to a disaster site whatever the responding officials require – food, water, generators, pumps, chainsaws, concrete, bulldozers, fencing, housing, etc. – while simultaneously using IOC’s buying power on behalf of the government(s) to negotiate acquisition contracts at the best possible prices. Further, IOC thinks in terms of long-term disaster recovery: “concrete, not duct-tape.” Routinely, IOC provides governments with permanent solutions at prices that are below what governments pay for short-term, stop-gap, temporary fixes.

Through the IOC Disaster Relief program, IOC remains ready to be in country after any catastrophe, either natural or man-made, damages any country, anywhere.

In addition to global support and assistance traditionally extended by countries globally, IOC has an imprinted disaster relief program to respond to any affected country and immediately work to extend whatever resources are made available to the affected country, and to assist the country with the existing resources it has to bring to bear.

Usually within 48 hours of being contacted, IOC’s teams can be on the ground to assess what programs would be beneficial to the country in order to lengthen budgets and increase productivity in the restoration of the county. IOC’ Disaster relief programs, coupled with its standard models, will assist in the repair of the country’s infrastructure, communications, power and basic humanitarian necessities. Some of the items offered through IOC programs are: