International Offset Corportation | Countertrade
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International Offset Corporation is a specialist in designing  and implementing novel concepts of advanced countertrade for third world countries. IOC can design and implement countertrade business models for its clients which enhance buying power by leveraging indigenous resource value.

The Challenge And Opportunity

Developing Country Needs

Developing countries throughout the world have an urgent need for modern goods and services. But for various reasons, these countries often have limited cash available for purchases.  As developing nations, they do not have sufficient production and economic growth to generate the necessary purchasing power to address their needs.  Certainly, the causes for the problem will vary widely from country to country.  There might be geographical, historical, political or economic factors, or some combination of these.  But often the problem is a lack of trade skills and financing

Uncovering Resources

In many cases, the problem can be traced to an inefficient use of available resources. The country might have abundant resources but not recognize their value.  It might not know how to capitalize upon its resources.  Most every developing country has some natural as well as human resources, yet they are commonly overlooked or underutilized.  Thus, the pressing question is how to convert resource value to buying power?

The Global Marketplace

Developed countries are scanning the globe looking for opportunities to sell products and services into developing countries. A developing country might be tempted to liquidate and sell its natural resources to acquire these products and services.  But the developing country should be cautious not to deplete its assets for short-term benefits.  Instead, with the right planning, the country should seek to derive the highest possible value from its resources.  Preferably, it will design and adopt a commercializing process whereby the resources can be most efficiently, profitably and properly utilized, assuring significant long-term benefits.