International Offset Corportation | Corporate Trade Opportunities
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Corporate Trade Opportunities

Undiscovered Assets

ARTIS’s strength lies in its ability to discover both underutilized and previously undiscovered assets.

By identifying our clients “alternative currencies”, ARTIS is able to generate an entirely new product base from which our clientele can source tremendous buying power. Our team regularly surveys our client’s businesses to discover goods or services that had never thought to be of a “tradeable value” prior.


Undiscovered Opportunities

Here again, ARTIS’s team not only discusses our clients needs, but both reviews our clients business and develops a strategic business plan for the future purchases using ARTIS trade credits. On average, the Artis team discovers 40% more opportunities than our clients had originally envisioned.


Artis Procurement

ARTIS’s procurement staff are trained -professionals with one goal in mind….to command a trade application on all the products or services needed by our clients.